Environmental protection is important in the world.

In the "Thirteen-Five" Plan, environmental protection become one of the most important policy in China. It bring investment demand sharply growth.

According to the data, China's environmental industry is growing at an average annual rate of more than 18%, and the environmental services industry is growing by 30%. Moreover, at present 60% of the environmental governance needs have not been excavated by the market, in the identified market, 20% of the demand is oversupply, 20% of the demand is distorted by the government's configuration.

To be sure, China's environmental industry in the "Thirteen-Five" period there is a lot of market space released. By 2020, the production value of environmental industries (excluding environmentally friendly products) will reach 3.7 trillion, and the operating income of environmental services will reach 1.3 trillion. Therefore, from the market space, with the continuous release of governance needs, China's environmental protection industry market will soon overtake the United States, the world's largest industrial market.