Matt Color Planters

Ring shape metal planters, it can be as deocartion for the hotel Hall or hotel Lobby

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Matt Color Planters, it can be as deocartion for the hotel Hall or hotel Lobby

Stainless steel Matt Color Planters - stainless steel flowerpots are mostly semicircular, square, cone-shaped, and there are many for a different shape. Now stainless steel flowerpot not only has the effect that places a flower, and the aesthetic of oneself also is very important.Up to now, most of stainless steel flowerpots will choose to use laser cutting, shearing machine and other processing techniques to get the most basic shape required. Then to do the groove bending processing, this processing means to turn the planar plates into stainless steel POTS each different three-dimensional parts.In order to keep the pot of beautiful personality, a lot of manufacturer on stainless steel flower pot craft that spend a lot of time, from previous use hydraulic machinery through the draw dies after deep drawing forming, to adopt thin stainless steel plate stamping forming, in now shear, bending, laser cutting, welding technology, coupled with increasing coating, titanium coating, fluorine carbon spraying, bronze do old, made of stainless steel pot now is becoming more and more beautiful and durable.We have many years of experience in process engineers, independent development, unique process, novel design, beautiful appearance, rich variety! We can design a whole set of scheme for you according to the client's drawing, and provide you with advice.



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