Bridge Rail Flower Boxes

The flower boxes can be put on your deck rail before your home or hanger on the guardrail outdoor for city green. It is made of PVC materials with steel edge to decoration. Size can be made as you need. Learn this knowledge, you will know the difference between PVC and aluminum alloy flower box...

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The Bridge Rail Flower Boxes can be put on your deck rail before your home or hanger on the guardrail outdoor for city green.

Bridge Rail Flower Boxes is made of PVC materials with steel edge to decoration.

1, wooden flower box, mostly square and rectangular mainly, also have special-shaped, such as round, cone and so on.
The Wood is selected for anti-corrosion wood, is natural wood after artificial anti-corrosion treatment.
For outdoor rain is not easy to rot Rotten, commonly used wood has scotch, Begonia wood, mountain camphor and so on. The materials used mainly in middle and low wood.
But the wooden flower box
Outdoor use for a long time, paint will fall off, this shortcoming is unavoidable.
2, Iron flower box, using iron to do "shell" built-in acrylic board or plank and the formation of flower box Style mainly in the classical style and European style two, the production process than the wooden flower box complex.
The Iron art part chooses more
Galvanized steel, stainless steel (commonly used 201 or 304), the two materials, mainly to take into account the issue of rust.
If the use of ordinary steel, even if the surface spray paint, dusting, in the outdoors, it is inevitable to bump, resulting in table
Surface paint film off, easy to rust.
3, PE rattan box is not much elaborated and rattan flower bowl process, is the type of different
4, FRP flower box is the same as the glass fiber reinforced plastic flower bowl process.
5, Plastic wood flower box and polymer fiber polyester profile flower box, with the increasingly depleted wood resources
Environmental-friendly materials came into being, plastic wood flower Box has been published for many years, but the market acceptance is not very high, this is A question worth thinking about.
Plastic wood flower Box used for a long time, after rain, easy deformation, brittle.
Polymer Fiber polyester profile flower box, Polymer fiber polyester profile is a new environmental protection material, the quality of Anti-corrosion, pollution resistance, long service life, can be used to make outdoor flower box.

The service life of PVC flower box is 5-10 years, and the service life of aluminum alloy flower box is 10-20 years.

In the production cycle, aluminum alloy flower box than PVC flower box is also shorter. We have a wide range of aluminum alloy flower boxes.

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