Wood and Aluminum Feet park chair

This park chair adopts high-end plastic wood and does not crack. Non - deformation, non - fading corrosion-resistant, free of paint and maintenance, long service life

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 Wood and  Aluminum Feet park chair

this park bench is wood nautre panel, the chair feet is aluminum injection.

aluminum park chair introduction:Size: 1200/1500/1800 x width 529 x height 723 (unit mm)[volume] : finished product: 1.2m: 0.42m; Bulk: 1.2 m1.5 m: 0.53 m; 1.5 m1.8 m: 0.63 m; 1.8 m[weight] : plastic wood 1.2m: 24kg; Preservative wood: 1.2m: 16kg;1.5 m: 29 kg; 1.5 m: 19 kg;1.8 m: 34 kg; 1.8 m: 22 kg.

Wood and  Aluminum Feet park chair adopts high-end plastic wood and does not crack. Non - deformation, non - fading corrosion-resistant, free of paint and maintenance, long service life

Now plastic wood seats are everywhere in public places such as parks, communities, shopping malls and squares. They have become a beautiful landscape in urban development, providing convenience for people traveling and making our environment more harmonious. Plastic wood seat can avoid the static muscle force that the human body receives when standing, such as ankle, knee, hip and spine, reduce energy consumption and alleviate fatigue. For those of you who are traveling and shopping, having a comfortable seat in a public place is a great comfort. So what kind of plastic wood seat can make you sit comfortably?

The design of plastic wood seat is to make the human body get the greatest comfort, eliminate the tension and fatigue of the body, reasonable design should reduce the pressure of the human body to the minimum. We answer the following questions one by one:I. height of plastic wood seat (38-45cm is the best)1. The proper height of the seat should keep the legs horizontal, the legs vertical and the feet flat on the ground;2. The seat surface cannot be too high; otherwise, when the lower leg is suspended, the thigh is oppressed by the front edge of the chair, making the seated person feel uncomfortable. For a long time, the blood circulation is blocked, resulting in numbness and swelling of the lower leg. Therefore, the height of the seat is generally designed as a group of people with a low stature. It is suggested that the front edge of the seat should be 3-5cm lower than the height of human knee socket, and there are radians around 2.55cm in radius.3. The seat surface should not be too low, otherwise the human pelvis will be backward with long legs, and the normal lumbar curve will be straightened, making the lumbar acid uncomfortable.2. Seat surface span of plastic wood (43-45cm is the best)The seat must be wide enough to accommodate a stout figure. Seats for single use, reference size is wide hips, a group of women size limit according to the design, the rows placed adjacent seats, such as the theater audience chair, the seat should be cubits wide spacing group limit for design reference, to avoid crowded oppressive feeling, and a wide also cannot too big, such as long time sitting position assignments, your arms should be supporting, such as the width is too big, the elbow must be to stretch on both sides to seek support, this will cause the shoulder fatigue.

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