Plastic flower pots

How romantic color? How beautiful it is? It is good quality with economical prices. The panel of modern pot planter could be designed by yourself.

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Plastic flower pots

Green beautiful plant pots indoor plants and outdoor. We are large plant containers manufacturer and we have many planters on sale. Where to buy big pots for plants? I really want to tell you to buy from us. We specializes in flower planters more than 7 years. On December 29th 2016, our company listed in Shanghai. The stock right code is 300106. Now we are being the respectable and leading supplier in China for the aluminum alloy flower planters, which is with wooden grain, but more Eco-Friendly, durable and variable.

This plastic flower pots is made by PVC foam panel.

size: 60*25*25cm or cusotmzied as you need

the flower box panel can be printed with your design pattern or logo.

Really easy to install by 4 columns and 5 pvc boards. The columns are made by aluminum with printing color to fix the flower pots well with soil and plants.

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