Polish Stainless Steel Planters

Large round deep planter, which is made of polish stainless steel, anti-rusting and durable for outdoor. modern degisn for coffee bars or hotel outdoor. it can hold the soil well for big plants

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Large round deep planter, which is made of polish stainless steel, anti-rusting and durable for outdoor. modern degisn for coffee bars or hotel outdoor.  Polish Stainless Steel Planters can hold the soil well for big plants

good quality 304 stainless steel material is best choice for outdoor

stainless steel planter item: JL-SS018

color: polish sliver 

size: can be customized as you need for the planters

design: can be round, tall or deep as you need

outdoor stainless steel flower pots

coffee bar flower pots

Stainless steel flowerpots can now be used as the color of furniture, the so-called "flowerpot." As an important part of tradition, stainless steel flowerpot has a long history. Color stainless steel screen is placed in the prominent position of room commonly, have the effect that separates, beautification, windshield and coordinate. It complements classic furniture and becomes one. It becomes an integral part of household adornment, present a kind of harmonious beauty.Stainless steel flowerpot technology: stainless steel flowerpot technology more and more, use more and more extensive. Now rose gold stainless steel flowerpot and galvanized stainless steel flowerpot, style diversity, variety is various, appearance is luxurious, delicate and magnificent. As decorative flower POTS, it is popular in some big hotels and fancy clubs.No matter who modern people are, they want to have a space of their own for the rest of their time. They should not be disturbed and relaxed. Even in some public entertainment places, many people have such hope, among which, 10 points belonging to private space are so important. Whether in our living environment or in some public places, we can see the stainless steel flowerpot figure.

Stainless steel ACTS as the material of flowerpot to choose is very appropriate, its stainless steel flowerpot, design diversity, breed is various, exterior is luxurious, delicate and luxuriant, do adornment flowerpot, it receives the love of broad client all the timeStainless steel flowerpots, because of their importance, are subdivided into many crafts, colors, and different colors adapted to different scenesThe technology of stainless steel flowerpot is divided into: sanding, mirror, matte, drawing, embossing and so onFlowerpot color: bronze, copper, primary color, rose gold, champagne gold, titanium gold, bronze, etcThe rose-gold flowerpot is mostly used in the hotel lobby, the household decoration, the mirror of titanium gold color, luxuryThe bronze flowerpot is mostly used for large enterprises outdoors, and the lobby center is used to decorate the landscape. The color is calm and the copper system is high-endPlanter plants follow the relationship between people and plants, so as to achieve harmony between people and plants, as well as cultivate one's health and cure many diseases. In addition, the effect is better when the planting is combined with the internal factors of the residence
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