Corten Steel Large Planters For Tree

Corten steel large planters will be rusting surface for the flower pots, and will be always like this for outdoor using. it can be made as tapered shape, square planters, rectangular large planter for outdoor.

Product Details

the corten steel large planter for tree, for large plants,will hold the soil well. It is weatherproof for outdoor. 

weather-proof large planters

Custom-made garden garden steel-resistant pot beautiful garden flower boxOur company has its own production and processing factory. We can customize the flower POTS and boxes with different sizes, specifications and shapes according to customers' requirements.About weather resistant steel:Weather resistant steel refers to low alloy and high strength steel with low price and good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. In the process of use, weather-resistant steel will gradually form a compact, solid corrosion product protective film, preventing oxygen, water and other corrosive media in the atmosphere from further corrosion on the matrix, so that its corrosion rate is greatly reduced compared with carbon steel.Weathering steel features: good corrosion resistance, low cost, no painting, labor saving, environmental protection.Genuine weather resistant steel is a kind of high-technology steel, and not all manufacturers can produce qualified productsWhy rust treatment:1. Timeliness: natural rust corrosion of weather resistant steel takes a long time to form, and the dense protective layer takes 6 months to 1 year to form, and temperature and humidity have a great influence on its effect. And our rust treatment can make weather - resistant steel stable rust layer in a short time.2. Environmental protection: rust liquid will not be washed away by rain and rust slag will not splash.3. Greater stability.The color is smoother and prettier.The thickness of the potAt present, the thickness of weather resistant steel flower pot is generally 2mm-3mm. The thickness of conventional weather resistant steel flower pot is 2mm. The specific thickness can be customized according to the customer's drawings.

anti-rusting steel plnaters

large corten steel planters for outdoor

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