Brushed Stainless Steel Planter

Brushed Stainless Steel Planter

high quality brushed stainless steel square flowerpot/metal planter/square flower pot,indoor and outdoor stainless steel flowerpots, which are economical and practical. And the surface of indoor flowerpot makes to pull lens face more, beautiful, marked, colour is gorgeous.

Product Details

Brushed Stainless steel Planter

the flower box can be made in black, white or any colors as you need. it is powder coated color.



Why choose us to make the Brushed Stainless Steel Planter:

1. Good Material and Visible Quality: Made of stainless steel, which is not only durable, smooth and rich in appearance, but highlight the sense of quality. It is not only the taste of life, but also a classic choose.

2. Super Technology, Create an industry leader: Introduced the most advanced laser cutting machine in Germany, the technology is world class leading. The edges and corners are flawless to speak o f, after manual polishing or polishing. The edges and corners are round, smooth, safe and reliable.

3. Keep Improving, Perfect the product every step: the stitching technology is perfect and seamless. The seamless welding technology industry is leading. The edges and corners have been polished and processed, and the existence of joints cannot found

Application place of stainless steel planter and  flower pot: scenic spot, hotel, villa, coffee shop, flower shop, nightclub, school, street, garden community, public institution, etc

The stainless steel flower pots color and size can be customized.

Usual size and designs as belows:

stainless steel planter size.jpg

stainless steel planter color Swatch:

stainless steel planter color1.jpg

stainless steel planter color2.jpg

stainless steel planter color3.jpg

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