World Horticultural Expo In Beijing

- Oct 24, 2018-

On the afternoon of September 29, zhou jianping, executive deputy director general, met with visiting kyrgyz minister of agriculture and general representative of kyrgyzstan exhibition area of Beijing world horticultural expo in yanqing headquarters of Beijing world horticultural expo and signed the participation contract of kyrgyzstan.

During the meeting, zhou jianping, the deputy director general, introduced to ji the general situation of the Beijing expo, the layout of the park and the current state participation. Both sides kyrgyzstan ZhanYuan design requirements, construction, business activities, large-scale activities, in-depth exchange of views on the specific issues such as jian-ping zhou said: "kyrgyzstan is one of the important participants" area ", the two countries are are linked by mountains and rivers and the neighbors, deep friendship and close cooperation, China attaches great importance to kyrgyzstan exhibition exposition in Beijing, will closely cooperate with kyrgyzstan, to ensure the success of the exhibition of kyrgyzstan. He expressed deep appreciation for the warm and friendly reception given by the Beijing world expo bureau and sincere admiration for the preparations for the 2019 Beijing world expo.