Why Set Up The City Road Fence?

- Mar 22, 2019-

In recent years, the construction of urbanization has been in full swing. Urban sections have grown from scratch, from old to new, from muddy to flat. However, in any case, the road fence has been "entrusted with an important task"

Some people believe that fences should not be set up, which is equivalent to keeping China in captivity; others believe that fences should be set up, which plays a role of isolation, reducing the probability of pedestrians crossing the road and improving the efficiency of motor vehicles. Today, Meicheng street furniture will take you to understand the reasons and necessity of setting up traffic fences.

First of all, the traffic fence is conducive to maintaining good urban road traffic order. When pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles cross the road, the phenomenon of crossing freely and competing with vehicles is ubiquitous. Taxis are operated without distinction between left and right. When they are stopped, they turn around illegally and stop illegally. There are great potential traffic safety hazards, and the probability of disorder and even traffic accidents is greater. At the same time, traffic police departments have to be special under the situation of police strain. During busy hours, additional police forces were deployed to maintain order on the spot. Separation barriers have been set up, and roads have been separated longitudinally on the cross-section, so that motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians can run separately, and the phenomenon of random turning of vehicles and pedestrians crossing the road has been eliminated, traffic interference has been reduced, the time and speed of vehicle passing has been accelerated, road traffic safety has been improved, and traffic order has been improved.

In addition, in recent years, the highly respected green fence has more environmental beautification effect. Compared with conventional fence greening, it can completely eliminate the hidden dangers existing in the fence. At the same time, fence greening can also absorb dust and dust, absorb the exhaust gas released by automobiles, link the heat island effect, improve the living environment and beautify the city appearance.

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