Why Is The Whole World Pursuing The Vertical Greening Of Space?

- Apr 12, 2018-

With the accelerating process of urbanization, the scale of the city is expanding rapidly, the population of the city is increasing, the bad weather, such as desertification, dust storm and PM2.5, has frequently appeared in the people's field of vision, causing people to pay more and more attention to the ecological environment, and the vertical greening of space has become an indispensable part of the green movement all over the world. Branch.

The role of vertical greening:

The natural beauty and ecological beauty of plants give three values of vertical greening, appreciation, ecology and economy. Ornamental value: the flexibility and building of plants have just been reflected, increasing the artistic effect of the buildings, enriching the urban greening level, improving the green area, and making the urban environment more neat, beautiful and natural.

Ecological value: it can relieve urban heat island phenomenon, improve microclimate, sterilize dust, purify air, reduce noise and improve biodiversity.

Economic value: building cooling and heat insulation will help reduce the energy consumption of building operation, save energy and reduce emissions. At the same time, it will protect the building surface and extend the service life of buildings.

Why the world is looking for space vertical greening? People can not change the appearance of the world, but can quickly build their own small environment, so vertical space greening is the best assistant, it will not only return you a pure air, but it can also beautify our environment, heat insulation, noise reduction, protection wall. Surface and so on, many characteristics are enough to make vertical greening favored by people.