Which Pot Is Better For Growing Flowers?

- Jan 15, 2019-

It's better to grow flowers in plastic pots than in other pots.

Looking at the composition of pot materials, ceramics and plastics are impervious to water and air, but when we look at the bottom of the pot, it is easy to find that the number of drainage holes at the bottom is quite different.

People say that gourmet utensils, in fact, beautiful flowers and plants, with beautiful pots can also add points. There are many kinds of flower pots, from the material point of view, there are vegetable burners, purple sand pots, plastic pots, ceramic pots... Each has its own characteristics. If you want to grow flowers well, you should first choose the right pot. Let's take a look at the different pots and their characteristics.

Plain burner: The simplest flowerpot. The pot wall of the vegetable pot has fine pore, which is conducive to nutrient decomposition and moisture drainage in the soil. It is very helpful for the normal growth of the roots of plants. The disadvantage is that the texture is rough, not beautiful enough, used for a long time, more fragile, although the shape belongs to the Lower Riba type, but many professionals like to choose this pot to grow flowers, because the cost-effective ratio is high.

Purple sand basin: Although drainage and ventilation are not as good as vegetable burner, it is also an ideal basin. And purple sand production technology has a long history, many exquisite and primitive works will add a lot of flavor to flowers, purple sand pots are also often used to plant orchids, potted flowers, self-contained scenery.

Plastic basin: cheap and light, rich in color modelling, but there are also problems of poor permeability and drainage. It can be used to cultivate plants with low maintenance requirements such as Cymbidium elegans and Sedum sinensis.

Wooden pots: There are many wooden flower pots, flowerpots, wooden pots breathable, drainage performance is good, very suitable for planting flowers and plants. Most of these wooden pots have been treated with anticorrosive treatment, but after a slightly longer period of use, we should also pay attention to changing the pot, making a thorough disinfection, painting, in order to avoid decay and pests.

Nowadays, there are more and more flower pots with novel styles and unique functions. Here we introduce two interesting flower pots for you:

Animal flower pots that shake their heads and shake their brains are made into flower pots shaped like ducks, kittens, sheep and cattle. They have heads and feet, thin wire as legs, and wear lovely shoes. The body part is a beautiful semi-circular pot, which can put beautiful potted flowers. The long spring is the neck of a small animal, with a cute smiling face. When touched, it will shake your head and shake your head so that you can't see enough.

Waterscape flowerpot can not only raise flowers, but also fish. This is the waterscape flowerpot. Waterscape flowerpots are large in size, like a small garden, a small platform for planting flowerpots, and a small "pond" surrounded by waterproof materials at a slightly lower place. A few pebbles and two small fish can coexist with flowers in the pond, which is happy and harmonious. Waterscape flowerpots are suitable for both static and dynamic conditions. Some of them can also purify the water by recycling. It makes maintenance simple and is a good choice to dress up as a beautiful home....

In addition, the bigger the pot, the better. Some flower lovers think that choosing a large pot at a time can avoid the hard work of changing pots frequently, and plants have more soil can also absorb more nutrients. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The size of the pot should match the size of the plant. Generally speaking, the size of the cluster stems unearthed from herbaceous plants, plus about three centimeters, is the appropriate size of the pot mouth; and woody plants can choose a pot one to two centimeters larger than the diameter of the plant crown. Too much soil in a large flowerpot can affect the air permeability of plant roots and easily cause watertight conditions. Therefore, the flowerpot still needs to choose the appropriate size.