Which Plants Are Suitable For Outdoor Vertical Greening Walls?

- May 11, 2019-

In order to alleviate the urban heat island effect and meet the needs of urban landscape on the basis of increasing the urban green quantity, the construction of outdoor vertical greening plant wall by using climbing plants has become one of the important ways to increase the coverage of urban greening and improve the urban ecological environment. So how to choose plants suitable for planting on Outdoor Vertical Greening walls?

When choosing plant varieties for outdoor vertical greening plant walls, the best varieties should be those with fast growth, evergreen seasons, high ornamental value and rapid formation of landscape effect. Plants should try to use low shrubs, lawns, ground cover plants and climbing plants, which not only helps to reduce the cost of construction and maintenance, but also adapts to the characteristics of limited thickness of roof soil matrix.

In addition, it is inappropriate to select plants with strong root penetration to prevent plant roots from penetrating the building structure layer.

Greening walls

Outdoor vertical greening wall can choose greening plants as follows:

1. Evergreen plants: Siraitia grosvenorii, Pinus quinquefolia, Platycladus orientalis, Populus melon seeds, Populus euphratica, Haitong, Octagonal golden plate, Ilex tortoiseshell, Bromus, Mother Mosquitoes, Ten Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Ma

2. Vines: Honeysuckle, Huangxin, Yingchun, Luzhou-flavor Tanchun, Ivy, Vinca mosaica, Grape, Luoshi, Wisteria, Vine Rose, Calyx nankei, Fufang vine, Kiwifruit, Lonicera Browniensis, Passionflower, Cucumber, Luffa, Miluo, Morning Glory, Pueraria, etc.

3. Herbaceous plants: Verbena, Sedum setae, Sedum germanica, Portulaca grandiflora, Golden Leaf Crossing Yellow, Thrushcross, Bromus, Hemerocallis grandiflora, Rosemary, Oxalis rubra, Canna, Geranium, Calendula, Tropicana, Jasminum japonica, Dahlia, etc.

4. Coloured-leafed shrubs: Photinia fragrans, Populus Phnom Penh, Berberis rubra, Corals sprinkled with Golden Peach Leaf, Red Maple, Berberis rubra, Berberis rubra, Elaeagnus rubra.

5. Flowers and shrubs: rose, crabapple, tea plum, camellia, crape myrtle, rhododendron, Forsythia suspensa, phoenix tail orchid, crabapple, waxberry, umbrella cassia, broom, sparse, ruiwood, big flower drunken fish grass, negundo, big flower six trees, honeysuckle, Mediterranean anthracene and so on.

6. Fruit-viewing plants: Nantianbamboo, pyracantha, wolfberry, tomato and so on. The climbing vertical greening plant varieties were selected as Jinlong, morning glory and honeysuckle, and the hanging vertical greening plant varieties were Mindan and Pyrola indica.

Greening walls

It is worth noting that Five-clawed Jinlong is an invasive alien species, and Petunia Dahuashan grows vigorously. Both of them grow wildly without human intervention, which will affect the growth of surrounding plants and even cause serious ecological damage. Therefore, when using these two plants for vertical greening, we should strictly control their growth environment, regularly prune and clean them up artificially, so as to avoid their overflowing and disasters, and at the same time, it is conducive to maintaining a more durable and stable vertical greening landscape.

In addition to the plant varieties recommended above for outdoor plant walls, it is also possible to make full use of plant resources according to the actual climatic conditions, to suit local conditions, and to select other plants in a timely and appropriate manner. As long as the plants satisfy the principles of drought resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, strong light resistance, strong wind resistance and fewer diseases and insect pests, they can be used for rational planting as vertical greening plant wall plants. Auxiliary varieties.

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