When The Vertical Greening Plant Wall Encounters Light And Shadow, Everything...

- Mar 22, 2019-

If you have seen the vertical greening plant wall, I don't know if you have noticed this point. The indoor plant wall will be illuminated by several lights, so there will be light and shadow. So have you ever wondered why you need to do this? What effect does this have on vertical green walls? Today, Jinsen Gardening will tell you the secret.

First of all, the application of vertical green wall in architecture. Vertical greening building is an important part of the whole vertical greening. Vertical greening building usually takes into account the functions of landscaping and use, viewing and being appreciated. Therefore, architecture has important ornamental and artistic value in vertical greening, and it is also one of the important subjects of light and shadow application. Secondly, the plants in vertical greening are the main body of the whole vertical greening, and also the important material under the action of light and shadow. In vertical greening landscape design, the sparse degree of plants can be used to create either bright or dark, or static or dynamic landscape space. When a large area of light is scattered in the forest, it can make the interior of the forest more bright and bright, and can map down a ray of light and shadow. In densely forested areas, the branches and leaves of the trees are interlaced, and light beams are scattered on the grassland, thus forming a sharp contrast with the dense forests, giving people a dark and bright visual feeling.

At the same time, with the change of light, shadows will also change, and plant color will form different visual effects under different irradiation angles. For example, in a strong light environment, plants with high color purity will be more brilliant and will reflect the light with color; if the light is weak, some plants with cold color will appear dim, thus giving a sense of coldness, while plants with bright color will be more thorough.

Although light and shadow have certain uncontrollability and instability, there is no specific material form. But through the plasticity of light and shadow, let light and shadow complement each other, exactly can create a special beauty of contrast, contrast, not only can make people feel happy, but also can enhance the aesthetic of vertical greening plant wall, give people a new psychological experience and visual experience. This is why when the vertical greening plant wall encounters light and shadow, everything becomes so delicate, so beautiful!