What Surprising Operations Did You Have? Pavilion?

- Apr 20, 2019-

The family is in the countryside. When we were young, we went to the canal behind the village to play when we had nothing to do during the summer vacation. One day, it was too hot for everyone to build a pavilion. A dozen little friends went up to the tree to break branches. In a short time, they broke a lot of branches. But to build an arbor, we needed several big branches to make a good skeleton first. We were getting thicker and thicker at that time. We could not think of several ways. I thought of a way at that time. I climbed up first and then the whole person hung up the branch, the people below hung up my feet and pulled down, should be able to break the branch, I said my idea, you think it is OK, but do not agree to let me go up, because I am thin, you think we should let the fattest go up the branch, the rest of the thin pulled down, and fat people can hold up. Our fattest companion went up and the rest of us hung up his feet. That's what I thought. I pulled out extra hard and just heard the fat man smash me with a branch. At that time, I felt that the whole people were not good. Mother just thought about how strong the fat man was, but didn't think about how powerful the fat man was when he fell down. Fortunately, it's fun to set up in the pavilion.

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