What Plants Are Suitable For Outdoor Vertical Green Walls?

- Jun 06, 2019-

outdoor vertical green walls has many ways, there are many types of hardware and plant collocation. It's not easy to make it clear.

1. Only plants and walls, without other auxiliary hardware.

Usually use climbing vine attached plants, mountain tiger, Ficus pumila, green lotus, bamboo turtle back, ivy, limonium, and so on, these can actively climb to the stone walls, walls of plants. They have adventitious roots and can grow and fix directly on walls.

2. Twisted climbers that require simple grid structures or other climbing plants as climbing carriers

For example, Wisteria, fireworks, morning glory, which are fixed climbing plants by twining stems or tendrils.

3. Plant wall system supported by vertical greening hardware.

This is a lot, there are high-end and low-end.

There are planting troughs, planting basins, planting bags, fixed on a certain mechanism through a certain array arrangement, filled with soil or planting matrix needed by plants, automatic water supply, semi-automatic water supply system, drainage system, can be manually, regularly, or even through sensors to determine water content in soil automatically. Every horticultural plant suitable for local cultivation can be planted. Various designs can be made by arranging plants to form patterns, shapes and characters. If the exterior facade light is not enough, it can also supplement the light. If it is exposed to the sun, if it is not changed to the structure of building shading, it is necessary to select the plant varieties that can resist the sun. This is a very high degree of freedom. Both domestic and imported systems are available. Among them, foreign systems are the most advanced.

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