What Kind Of Plants Do You Choose For The Flower Box? What Material Is Best For The Flower Box?

- Apr 22, 2019-

After a reasonable plant configuration, the decorative function of the plant extends from the plane to form a façade or a three-dimensional decorative effect. It is a greening method integrating garden, engineering, environmental art and other disciplines.

The material of the flower box is aluminum alloy, which is higher in density, high in strength, easy to clean, beautiful in appearance and long in service life. It fully reflects the concept of environmental protection. The specifications are large, medium, small and high-low combinations of sizes, from both plane and vertical. Make a combination.

The use of flower boxes makes the combination of urban landscaping and urban environmental elements, and plays a unique advantage. Flower box manufacturers mainly carry flower boxes and other products, welcome to visit and purchase.

The results show that the amount of dust retention is from small to small: small angel, swallow palm, green radish, rich tree, spider plant, small leafhopper, tigertail orchid. Therefore, they concluded that indoor small angels can absorb dust. The three scholars also found that for the general blade, the larger the fractal dimension, the rougher the leaf surface, and the larger the unit dust retention. There are many types and functions of flower boxes, which can be used to decorate and protect our environment. Now, as our environment becomes worse and worse, flower boxes become very necessary! I believe that the development of flower boxes will be better in the future! The flower box net design also has an outdoor three-dimensional flower stand. For ten years, it has focused on the design and development of urban landscape flower stands, outdoor three-dimensional flower stands, and product manufacturing.

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