What Are The Techniques For Vertical Greening?

- Apr 12, 2018-

Through the three-dimensional greening, full use of space, increase the green coverage rate, improve the living environment, not only to achieve the effect of cooling, noise reduction, dust, but also formed a green landscape in the city. So what are the techniques for vertical greening?

1. modularized

Advantages: high plant coverage, high survival rate, many varieties, different patterns, and on-site construction.

The shortest time interval is the longest, the area is wide and easy to maintain, and the effect is the best.

Application: indoor and outdoor

2. Hydroponic type

Advantages: light weight, green wall thickness is thin, suitable for different surface modeling.

Application: this method is suitable for indoor or outdoor scattering light.

3. The inclined placement of the floral slot

Advantages: fast field installation, variety selection and low cost.

Applicable: less budget and less demanding items, both indoors and outdoors.

Vertical greening should be strict for the plant materials used, and should choose shallow roots, barren, drought resistant, cold resistant, strong or strongly negative vines, climbing and hanging plants.