What Are The Advantages Of The Green Wall?

- Feb 23, 2019-


1. Plant wall - garden plant wall on concrete wall enables people to construct a living environment closer to nature. Because it is free from the limitation of soil conditions, this system of supporting plant growth is very light, so it can be easily installed on any material and shape of the wall without destroying the original wall structure. If combined with artificial light sources, plant walls can even be laid in fully enclosed spaces without natural light sources, such as underground parking lots.

2. Plant wall-plant wall of urban cleaning system has remarkable effect on improving air quality. Not only plant leaves, but also plant roots and all plant-dependent microorganisms can purify the air. On the surface of the substrate, pollutant particles are separated from the air and slowly decomposed and mineralized, eventually becoming plant fertilizers. Therefore, on the surface of any building, plant wall is an effective tool to improve air quality, increase air moisture and reduce urban pollution. 3. Plant wall - the natural air-conditioning plant wall of a building can block a lot of light and heat radiation. In summer, it can reduce the internal temperature of the building by 7-15 degrees Celsius, while in winter, it can keep the indoor temperature constant. In addition, plants and substrates have a strong sound absorption function, and can consume a large amount of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, but also absorb thousands of air pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, sulfur dioxide, effectively curb the urban heat island effect.

As an ecological decoration choice of vertical greening, plant wall has been widely recognized in Europe because it advocates beauty and elegance, environmental protection and nature, as well as functionality and practicability. After the popularization of this kind of wall, beauty and environmental protection, of course, can not help but make peeping become idyllic. In the United States and Japan, great attention has also been paid to Runchen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Guizhou is the only company that holds the patented technology of this project in mainland China. The Runchen plant wall designed by Guizhou Runchen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the product of the perfect combination of ecology and architecture. It is not only evergreen in all seasons, beautiful and elegant, but also attractive to the eyes. It can be reduced by 70% after being used in construction. Indoor noise, keeping indoor temperature constant for a long time, warm in winter and cool in summer, durable, easy to disassemble and replace, can be regarded as a model of creating the best living environment. Runchen plant wall is a small ecosystem. It can select and match evergreen plants in four seasons according to the needs of designers and customers combined with climate, temperature, humidity and other comprehensive conditions, and build a living environment close to nature at any time where people want.

Vigorously promote green vegetation walls in greening, and let more green walls replace those reinforced concrete and masonry walls, which can make our city full of vitality and vitality.