Use Of Plastic Flower Pots

- Apr 03, 2019-

1. Flower base seedlings and urban beautification

This kind of flower pot has a single color and low price. It was originally a monochrome jujube straight edge type. In 2005, a plastic flower pot was also called a two-color flower pot. The flower pot is cheaper. The inside is black and the date is red. This will prevent the sun from reaching the roots of the plants and help the roots develop. Commonly used in cultivation, Anthurium, cyclamen, pineapple, etc., and the flower pot is very light in texture, using high-quality polypropylene paper as raw material, which solves the shortcomings of the initial monochrome flower pot extrusion deformation and easy to break, and is convenient for transportation. It can be used from cultivation to sales and has become a mainstream product in this type of market. Common caliber specifications on the market are: 90MM, 100MM, 120MM, 140MM, 160MM, 180MM, 200MM.

2. Family flowering

The plastic flower pots used for household flowers can be said to be multi-type, multi-color and diverse. There are anti-porcelain, printed, the color is also very elegant, beautiful and generous, according to the different types of flowers, there are a variety of flower pots, the main varieties are divided into AC-type flower pots, hanging orchid pots, rectangular pots, square pots, reliefs Pots, wave basins, plain basins, wall hanging pots, etc. This type of flowerpot is also equipped with pot trays of various styles, with round lace, round waves, squares and universal casters. The main purpose of using the flowerpot tray is to catch excess water to reduce the stain on the floor. And it can effectively control water. The bottom of the universal caster type tray has three -4 wheels to facilitate the movement of large flowers. Effectively solve the drawbacks of large flowers that are inconvenient to move.

3. Planting pots

This kind of pot is derived from plastic flower pots. Some home users try to grow vegetables in ordinary plastic pots. The effect is very good, so there is a very hot balcony planting. This kind of pot is mainly rectangular, and the quality is hard. Damage, the load weight is generally above 80kg.