The Vertical Virescence Of The Balcony Gives You A Green Idea

- Apr 12, 2018-

Many friends live in the city, helplessness, I like to plant flowers and herbs or vegetables and vegetables, but there is no land, can only keep thinking, but most families have balcony, big and small, now vertical green can let you grow flowers and grass, repair and cultivate sex. There are four basic requirements for flowers and trees for vertical greening.

First, the whole plant or its flowers, fruits and leaves have high ornamental value, and they require more evergreen plants, which can not only give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also receive the effect of purifying the environment.

Second plants are shorter, or belong to the vine. Relatively early or shade tolerant, it is more suitable for the balcony and other vertical structures.

Third, strong growth, long age, easy culture, anti pollution ability is.

Fourth, the ornamental season should be arranged with each other, including evergreen and evergreen flowers, and the fragrance of flowers as well as the fragrance of fragrant flowers.

Using vertical space to increase planting area is not only easy to build, but also keeps evergreen, and it doesn't pollute the environment. It's good to breathe fresh flowers and herbs. Let's dress up your balcony.