The Difference Between Plastic And Porcelain Flower Pots And The Technology Of Plastic Flower Pots

- Jan 07, 2019-

Compared with traditional porcelain flower pots, plastic flower pots have fewer watering times, cheaper price, accidental destruction and durability.

For a long time, the traditional ceramic flowerpots have been polluted by running water and placed place. They have been watered many times and have a poor grasp of water quantity. With the development of society, people's living standards have been improving continuously. They need to be more ideal than traditional flowerpots. A multi-purpose plastic flowerpot, such as rectangular flowerpot, wall-hanging flowerpot, suspended pot, water storage flowerpot and automatic watering flowerpot is needed. Water quantity detection and so on.

Injection moulding process is through the mixing of plastic raw material PE or pe, heating and melting with injection moulding machine to inject high pressure into the plastic flowerpot mold, cooling and forming, taking out with a manipulator, into a semi-finished product, some can be sold directly, and some also need printing treatment. The suction process is to extrude plastic raw materials into sheets through a sheet machine, then to form by pneumatic pressure through a suction machine, and to form by punching machine. This process mainly produces two-color flower pots, which have the characteristics of fast production speed, low cost and not easy to break.

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