The Development And Trend Of Vertical Greening

- Apr 12, 2018-

The development of vertical greening depends on the upgrading of technological level. From the ground to the wall carrier planting, from the use of vines year after year to complete the facade greening, to install the greening module to realize the greening effect immediately, the vertical greening technology has made great progress in the last ten years.

Traditional techniques are made up of plants and planter plates, such as planting and climbing plants, planting slots in the building grooves, or afforestation by placing the flowerpots. The effect depends on the climbing characteristics of plants. The new plant wall technology is a complete set of greening system, which is supported by the supporting system, irrigation system, and cultivation. Medium system and plant material together form a light cultivation system. Technological innovation has made the plant's choice wider, creating a rich greening effect and widening the application scope of vertical greening.

As a measure to improve the urban ecological environment, vertical greening is a technique developed to deal with a series of social environmental problems, such as the acceleration of urbanization, the expansion of population, the tension of land supply, and the increasing severity of the urban heat island effect. Compared with the traditional plane greening, vertical greening has expanded space, making "concrete forest" into a real green natural forest. It is a leap from two-dimensional space to three-dimensional space in the concept of greening, and it will become a new trend of future greening.