Taught You How To Make A Succulent Wall

- Apr 12, 2018-

Meaty plants, because of its slow growth speed, small demand for water characteristics, is a good choice of wall garden decoration materials, on the wall species of various kinds of fleshy plants, will give a fresh shock and surprise! Hand hands to teach you the production of multi - meaty plant wall, quickly learn to come!

Step 1:

The stems of the succulent plants should be retained for 1-2 inches, and the bottom leaves should be removed. This will help the roots grow out of the leaf nodes. When planting, first cut the plant to be planted in the tray for two or three days, a little withered, so it is beneficial to cut the wound recovery, reduce the possibility of later wound decay.

Step two:

Prepare old photos, remove inlaid glass or other framing materials. Prepare the rest materials: nails, wire mesh, splint liner, etc.

Step three: install splint liner as backing plate.

Step four: fill the media on the multi meat wall frame, suggest that peat soil and granular soil are mixed, and have the characteristics of water holding and air permeability.

The newly planted good "fleshy wall" set aside in the outdoor one or two weeks, gradually increase the amount of sunshine, control the watering time. Plugging a meaty wall is a living art. When a painter uses a brush to outline art, they also follow the pace of time. By the hand of the season, the Hangzhou plant wall will bring you into a dreamlike world of meat.