Solar LED Planters For The World VR Industry Conference

- Oct 18, 2018-

Solar LED planters for The world VR industry conference ; we make the smart planters on the street of Solar LED planters for The world VR industry conference

How could a VR conference that draws the world's attention with advanced technology be without a jacquin's solar smart flower box? On the one hand, the solar smart flower box can improve the city appearance; on the other hand, it can also promote VR conference.In order to match the theme of the conference, the solar intelligent flower box highlights the sense of science and technology, the shape is long and narrow, simple and fashionable, and the VR logo is also eye-catching.The solar energy intelligent flower box has added lighting effect on its stand column, which can also shine at night and light up the night scene of nanchang.Nanchang has the dual regional advantages of "hinterland of coastal development" and "frontier of inland development", which is a rare and irreplaceable city in China, and it will certainly carry a greater mission in the future.New opportunities are coming to the city at the 2018 world VR industry conference.I wish nanchang 2018 world VR industry conference a complete success!