Planter Boxes Manufacture In China

- Oct 18, 2018-

The aluminum alloy flower box is an environmentally-friendly and recyclable box

✔ first develop wisdom flower box, lighting, water, intelligent integration of the wisdom flower box founder, transport infrastructure reform pioneer

✔ first use of the world's leading Internet technology for wisdom, the blazers flower box research and development, realize the flower box intelligent identification, location, tracking and monitoring and management, and other functions, conform to the requirements of the era of intelligence, energy saving, environmental protection development

✔ more than 40 production enterprise strategic partner in China, national network sales system layout, the production capacity and high quality after-sale shuangjian combination

✔ companies listing on the Shanghai kechuang board, ISO9001 quality management system certification enterprises, the 200 million annual output value, reveal large enterprise strength

✔ Chinese green environmental protection products, quality service prestige AAA grade credit enterprise, the 13th China, hefei nursery stock flowers fair, fair gold medal award winners, honor responsibility.

✔, youth Olympic Games, the summit of the G20 summit, righteousness exposition exclusive service, project experience

✔ has more than 100 patents of inventions, utility models and designs, reveal the patent value

✔ 50 mu aluminum profile production base, with a total investment of 150 million, with abundant capital

✔ professional mechanical equipment, hundreds of people shop team, ensure flower box order to install only a week

✔ have professional after-sales team, three years to cases of free maintenance, after-sale guaranteed