Pick And Buy Barriers

- Apr 12, 2018-

1. separate uses. China's market today has copper preservative, quaternary ammonium copper, copper, chromium, arsenic, boron compounds and other wood preservatives and other preservative treated wood. We need to make sure that different kinds of wood preservative are used in different places. Quaternary ammonium copper anticorrosive wood has poor water resistance and is not applied in water. Copper, chromium, arsenic, and antiseptic wood, because arsenic is harmful to human body, is not applied in building decoration, furniture and direct contact with people. Boron compounds are usually used only for indoor wood.

2. selection brand. Choose antiseptic wood, try to choose products with brand or brand, and don't simply look at the price. At present, the products of regular antiseptic wood enterprises in China basically meet the quality standard. The regular anticorrosion wood enterprise refers to a legal business license, fixed site and contact address, a certain scale of production and sales, and a product with a standard trademark. Good quality preservative wood needs a certain cost. If the price is lower than the market price of the same wood material, it is basically a non-standard production of preservative wood.

3. request quality inspection report. Choose the antiseptic wood, try to choose the antiseptic wood with product inspection certificate.

Choose the right way to use it. In the process of using preservative wood, we should not only choose the best size and design, but also try to minimize the surface finish of the antiseptic wood. Any form of processing will affect the wood anticorrosive coating and reduce the service life of antiseptic wood.