Outdoor Wants To Do Vertical Greening, But I Don't Know How To Choose Plants

- Apr 12, 2018-

The scope of vertical greening is more extensive in outdoor applications. The building walls, balcony and Roof garden, fence, shelving, slope protection, overpass and other locations can be afforested. Then how do we choose outdoor vertical greening plants? Let's learn about it together.

Different options are determined by the site conditions that are not used. The afforestation of outer wall should choose vigorous and vigorous climbing plants to grow fast on all kinds of vertical walls. As the creeper, wisteria, ivy, p.quinquefolia, peak, etc. there are some ornamental plants. Can be used as the first choice.

The application of additional settings of Hangzhou plant wall has greatly expanded the species of vertical greening plants. Many kinds of herbs and woody plants can be selected, such as the green form of the wall of Shanghai World Expo City Theme Pavilion. The plants selected are bright green honeysuckle, red leaf Photinia, Higginson, Ligustrum, stone and six wood. For slope protection and balcony greening, drape plants can be used, such as Yunnan Huang Xin Su, Wei Hua Hua, pink flower Spiraea, trumpet creeper, old duck's stem, etc. Overpass, location of planting flowers, flowers, fireworks, and kite dill most flowering climbing plants. Hedgerows and scaffolding are generally used for vertical greening in courtyards. They can be selected as ornamental plants such as Costus, rose and honeysuckle.