Misunderstandings You Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing A Pavilion

- Sep 21, 2019-

Myth 1: The pavilion made of precious wood is good.

Valuable woods such as mahogany, Thai oak, American red cherry wood, teak, etc., are all well-known noble woods, which are made of valuable furniture. The pavilion made with these good woods must be good. However, the pavilion is placed outdoors, and it needs to face the sun and rain every day. The ability to prevent mildew, anti-corrosion and anti-burst of wood is very strong. It is not the high value of the pavilion is the best, we should pay more attention to its practicality. We should jump out of the mindset, not the wood to choose the pavilion, but the pavilion to choose the wood. In fact, there is a lot of wood suitable for the pavilion. Both fir and pine are natural insects, bacteria, and good wood for preservation. Xiangshan is better known as “natural wood preservative in wood”. It can purify the air and improve the air quality. Natural, environmentally friendly, safe, and more suitable for home use;

 Myth 2: When buying a pavilion, it’s cheap

The variety of pavilions currently on the market is very mixed, especially solid wood pavilions. The texture of the wood is very similar. If it is not for the wood experts, it is difficult to tell which wood is used. Many times, consumers will ask: The store is the same style and shape as your product. Why can't the store compare? Are you much cheaper? I hope that consumers can polish your eyes. The production of the pavilion needs to go through 39 processes such as drug soaking, high temperature cooking, baking, anti-corrosion and carbonization. If the manufacturer subtracts dozens of processes, do not do high-temperature carbonization, only do The carbonization of the surface, the finished pavilion is the same as the appearance of the pavilion after 39 procedures, it is difficult to distinguish, only time to prove;

 Myth 3: Pay attention to appearance and ignore substance

Comparing the appearance of several solid wood pavilions seems to be almost the same, but the price is very different, there are thousands and tens of thousands of yuan, so the next focus will be on the price comparison, and finally decided to buy cheap. If we think about it carefully, it is also the price of a solid wood pavilion but it is so expensive. Why? Certainly the quality, materials and craftsmanship of the products are not the same as the cheap solid wood pavilions. There are several procedures that are very important: 1 soaking the drug, killing the insects and bacteria of the wood itself. 2 fumigation antiseptic, vacuum / high pressure anti-corrosion treatment. 3 high temperature carbonization, so that the product has better physical properties.

The above is the characteristics of the anti-corrosion gazebo and the purchase knowledge. Since the gazebo is located outdoors, it has to withstand the wind and sun, so it must be cautious in the purchase of the anti-corrosion gazebo. If you choose a good product, you can reduce the post-maintenance reloading. Trouble.