Is It Toxic To Grow Plastic Pots? Is It Good To Grow Plastic Pots?

- Sep 21, 2019-

Is plastic pots poisonous?

Professionals say that common foam boxes or plastic boxes are organic, they are relatively stable, and the molecular structure of the polymer is firm and bulky. Even after natural high temperature exposure, the decomposition is extremely limited, and it is difficult for plant roots to absorb the foam box material. If the foam or plastic is toxic, it may refer to an additive in a foam box or a plastic box, or a toxic substance such as heavy metals in a factory. Foam boxes commonly used for fruit storage should be relatively safe. The foam box is made of polystyrene, which is prepared by suspension polymerization of styrene monomer and adding a foaming agent. It is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic. When the outside temperature is higher than 100 ° C, it is It will naturally soften, and when the temperature reaches 200 ° C, it will completely melt into a liquid.

Is it good to grow flowers in plastic pots?

Plastic flower pots are affordable and practical. The most important thing is that plastic pots made of plastic products are light in weight, not easy to break, and very durable, easy to clean, but plastic pots also have certain disadvantages, that is Water seepage and water permeability are somewhat poor, not suitable for dry-tolerant plants, and can be used to cultivate moisture-resistant flowers such as monstera, sedge, and spider plant.

1, plastic flower pots should not be too large, should be smaller than the tile basin. In this way, the cultivation substrate is fast, and the upper and lower air is fast.

2, watering should not be too diligent, in strict accordance with the principle of seeing wet and dry, basin soil over wet flowers instead of love to grow.

3, if there are conditions to apply a piece of 21 gold vitamin tablets in the cultivation substrate, this will achieve unexpected magical effects.

4. Most of the plastic flower pots have more drainage holes, so the water remaining after watering will be quickly drained.