Is It Good To Grow Flowers In Plastic Pots?

- Apr 03, 2019-

Plastic Flower Pots

1. Is the plastic flower pot?

In fact, no matter which kind of flower pot has advantages and disadvantages. Different plant species also have specific flower pots suitable for it. The same is true of plastic flower pots. Some friends will worry that it will be poisonous. In fact, there is no need to worry about it. Generally, plastic flower pots are organic and relatively stable. Even at very high temperatures, the decomposition is extremely limited. In addition to the unacceptable plastic basins that may contain additives such as heavy metals, the plastic basin itself is not hazardous.

Plastic Flower Pots

2, advantages

(1) First, it is affordable, much cheaper than other types of pots, and practical.

(2) Second, it is lighter and more convenient to carry. It doesn't take much effort to move the flowers.

(3) Third, it is not easy to break, nor easy to break. Unless it is beaten hard, it won't break. Therefore, its durability is very large.

(4) Fourth, it is easy to clean, and it can be washed cleanly by washing with tap water.

3, shortcomings

(1) First, its gas permeability and water permeability are not good, and it is not suitable for plant species that are afraid of cockroaches.

(2) Second, its environmental protection is very poor, there is no way to naturally degrade.

Plastic Flower Pots

4, the plant suitable for it

According to its characteristics, it can be used to cultivate plants that are more resistant to moisture, such as spider plants, monstera, and the like.

5, matters needing attention

(1) It is best to choose a small one, which will increase its water permeability.

(2) A drain hole can be made at the bottom so that the water permeability is good.

Plastic Flower Pots