How To Reduce The Risk Of Vertical Greening In Summer Withered

- Apr 12, 2018-

To improve the quality of seedling, the consolidation of the green summer, need to do maintenance work of vertical greening. Summer is the growing season of seedlings, and it is also the most serious season for drought, disease and insect pests, and the following points can reduce the risk of seedling death.

Because the vertical greening plants have strong centrifugal growth ability and need plenty of fertilizer and water, it should be regularly fertilized and irrigated and weeding in time, especially when planting grooves or tanks and boxes, the volume of soil is limited and the amount of water and fertilizer is poor, and the number of fertilization and irrigation should be increased. Timely pruning, disbudding, bud growth period attention, prompting large collateral sprouting, quickly achieve the greening effect. Spend time after cut flowers. In winter, disease and insect branches, dry branches and overlapping branches should be cut.

Now the development of urbanization and industrialization, environmental problems have been very serious, in order to improve the home environment, try to try a vertical greening, not only to improve the living environment, but also to increase the green coverage, and to improve the environment this aspect has a unique role.