How To Prevent Plant Diseases And Pests In Summer

- Apr 12, 2018-

Plant wall plant diversity, indoor and outdoor plant wall, but in the summer, it is a season of disease and insect pests, plant walls can not survive, so the prevention of plant wall diseases and insect pests is very important.

First of all, we should pay attention to the disease and insect pests of the seedlings. In the selection of plants, we should do enough treatment. In addition, the matrix of plant wall plants should be pretreated. The conventional matrix will bring the eggs or larvae, and even some weeds. Besides, more attention should be paid to insecticidal treatment before the plants come out.

Another important source of plant wall diseases and insect pests is two pests and diseases of the environment. Many plant wall diseases and insect pests come from the environment, such as mosquitoes, which are common in the living environment and will be hidden in the plant walls. All the diseases and pests of the living environment are also worth noticing.

The management of plant wall diseases and insect pests is mostly relied on medicaments, and the professional use of indoor chemicals is different from outdoor gardens and productive gardening bases.