How To Choose A High Quality Pavilion

- Mar 08, 2019-

When modern people create their own private living environment, they pay more and more attention to the sentiment of life. There is a courtyard in front of the house and a garden behind it. Whether it's a small yard or a back garden, antiseptic wood products can be found everywhere. Because of the simple nature of preservative wood, its warm wood color can be friendly with nature, which brings us relaxation and pleasure both visually and physically. So, if you need to buy an antiseptic wooden pavilion to decorate your yard, how to choose a high-quality pavilion from many antiseptic wooden pavilions? Wood, the outside will never be all over, uneven color, texture distortion is irregular. So our first choice is to look at the appearance of the pavilion, observe the wood structure of each part of the pavilion, and make a preliminary judgment from the color, texture, hardness, odor and other aspects. High-quality pavilions are exquisitely crafted and delicately sculpted. Pure manual sculpture is not computer sculpture. Are there any gaps in the joints and inlays? Whether it's a pillar or a guardrail or a table or chair, there's no place where the hands can touch.

Second, look at the selection of pavilions. Most of the high-quality pavilions are made of Finnish wood, and the common people also have cedar trees, but what we are talking about today is the anti-corrosion wood pavilion.  Finnish wood, for example, has clear grain. With natural rosin fragrance, wood containing xylitol can kill bacteria in the air, inhibit human pathogenic bacteria, and inhibit various skin inflammation; Second, it has the health function of eliminating fatigue and relieving stress on human body! Compared with paint furniture, it is more environmentally friendly. In addition, Finnish wood anticorrosive technology is the latest and most environmentally friendly ACQ anticorrosive technology in the world. It is also useful for CCA anticorrosive technology. If you can not distinguish the anticorrosive technology well, it is suggested that customers should consult the salesman carefully when choosing. Look again at the top of the pavilion. High-quality Pavilion top has three layers of design, the inner layer is a layer of carbonized wood, the middle layer is a waterproof board, the outer layer is a carbonized wood tile, generally used glazed tile, tile groove has drainage function, three layers of design is not easy to leak, can be safely placed outside. And it depends on the style and size. The Pavilion can be roughly divided into four corners, hexagonal, octagonal, double, three-storey, special-shaped and so on. It is suggested that consumers should take a good look at the style in advance, measure the specific size and choose the appropriate style. It is suggested that the foundation should be laid, because the weight of the conventional Pavilion is generally more than 400 Kg. Considering whether the long-term contact force will lead to ground deformation and subsidence, the pavilion is uneven. Finally, look at the production process of the pavilion.  At present, the production technology of the pavilion on the market is different. The Pavilion is natural, environmentally friendly, safe and more suitable for family use. Choosing a high-quality Pavilion is generally the key point above. If you can grasp these key points well, you will be more calm and confident when choosing in the market. The boss looks at you as a veteran when choosing things. It is estimated that the idea of pitting you has been subtly reduced. This is what a consumer likes most.