How Do Plastic Flowerpots Mix Soil To Make The Soil Dry Quickly?

- Jun 29, 2019-

Choose plastic flowerpots with more holes in the bottom of the basin, such as root control basin and Alice basin.

The bottom of the basin is hollow with potted stone, ceramsite, large foam and broken bricks. The height of the basin is about 1/4, which is conducive to the precipitation of water three.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of perlite: too light, easy to disperse, and easy to pulverize.

2. The advantages of ceramsite are light, reusable, cheap and disadvantageous: for sensitive plants, the first use needs repeated washing, easy to parasitize harmful bacteria, and for Water-and-fertilizer sensitive plants, ceramsite will accumulate fertilizer in the initial stage and release in the later stage, affecting the EC Value of plants.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of laterite: it will be pulverized in later stage, which will affect the hydrophobicity of plant material. It is valuable and valuable.

4. Pine scales have the advantages of pure nature and some disadvantages of insect repellent effect: the first use needs to be fully soaked (suitable for wet plants, because once the scales are dry, it is difficult to make them wet through watering); they need to be fully ripe, otherwise they may burn roots (especially for Chinese orchid); they will be corrupted and powdered, which will affect the hydrophobicity of the plant, and the process of powdering will often reduce the pH value of the plant.

5. Advantages of coconut shell: light, pure natural disadvantage: the first use needs to be fully soaked, the process of corruption and pulverization is much better than the pine scale, but the collision is inevitable.

6. Advantages and disadvantages of sand: heavy

7. Advantages of Phytolith Planting: It can be understood as non-powdered perlite, good hydrophobicity and light, beautiful (especially wet) disadvantages: expensive, not completely non-powdered.

8. Deer marsh stone's advantages: no pulverization, aesthetic shortcomings: after soaking, it will soften, which has no effect on herbal plants. Woody flowers with strong roots, such as gardenia, azalea, peony, rose, etc., will affect root development (for unknown reasons, comparative experiments have been done with rose and azalea).

9. Advantages of Sunward Stone: Simple hydrophobic use, almost the same shortcomings as the performance of stone planting: expensive

10. Advantages of Tongsha: It has the same properties as Bodi Stone. Some mineral elements contained in it help to color some meat: expensive.

11. Maifanshi's advantages: hydrophobicity, while reducing the root disease shortcomings: valuable, precious, granules are generally sharp edges and corners, easy to scratch roots when transplanting pots.

12. Green zeolite has a little bit: hydrophobic at the same time, it can effectively reduce the shortcomings of root diseases: it is not suitable for terrestrial orchid plants. It has been added to Guolan (Chunlan Songmei, Jianlan Jasminum) plants, but the root growth has been significantly affected. It has also been added to the plants planting Monolith and Baiqin, the effect is still not ideal.

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