Green Wall Background Technology

- Feb 23, 2019-

[Background Technology] In the rapid development of urbanization, a large number of artificial structures such as paving ground and various building walls have increased dramatically, which has changed the thermal properties of natural cushion surface (green space, water surface, etc.) (artificial structures have fast heat absorption and small heat capacity). Under the same solar radiation conditions, they heat up faster than natural green space and water surface, so their surface temperature is obviously higher. On the natural underlying surface. For example, in summer, when the lawn temperature is 320C and the crown temperature is 300 C, the temperature of cement ground can reach 570C, and the temperature of asphalt road can reach 630C. These high-temperature objects form huge heat sources, which bake the surrounding atmosphere and our living environment.

Then there is urban air pollution. Vehicles, industrial production and mass activities in cities have produced a large number of nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, dust and so on. These substances can absorb a large amount of heat radiation energy in the environment, produce the well-known greenhouse effect, and cause further warming of the atmosphere.

Third, the influence of artificial heat source. Factories, motor vehicles, residents'lives, etc., burn various fuels, consume a lot of energy, countless stoves are burning, are discharging heat!

Fourth, the natural cushion in the city has been reduced. Urban buildings, squares, roads and so on have increased substantially, while natural factors such as green space and water body have been reduced accordingly, with more heat released and less heat absorbed. Because of the above reasons, the phenomenon of "heat island effect" has appeared successively in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other large and medium-sized cities, and has a growing trend of development.

Under the influence of urban "heat island effect", the temperature of every place in the city is not the same, but presents a closed high temperature center. In the high temperature area, the air density is low and the pressure is low, which produces a cyclonic updraft. Because the atmosphere is continuous, the surrounding exhaust gases, chemical harmful gases continue to supplement the high temperature zone. Under these harmful effects, residents in high temperature areas are susceptible to digestive system diseases, manifested by loss of appetite and indigestion; gastrointestinal and ulcerative diseases increase, and the recurrence rate is high. Neurological system damage is serious, manifested as insomnia, restlessness, restlessness, memory decline; depression and neurosis, respiratory diseases, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, sinusitis, pharyngitis also increased. Because air pollutants can irritate the skin, leading to dermatitis and even skin cancer. It was also observed that kidneys of residents in cities with high mercury and chromium contents were susceptible to injury in summer when the temperature was severe. When chromium enters the eyes, it can cause conjunctivitis and even blindness; mercury can damage human kidneys, with abdominal pain, vomiting and poisoning. To weaken the "heat island effect", the fundamental way is to reduce heat emissions and increase greening area. Stereo greening can absorb atmospheric pollutants, humidify, detain dust and reduce noise, and curb the aggravation of "heat island phenomenon". When the exterior surfaces of buildings and structures are covered with plants such as mountain tigers and ivy, the indoor temperature can be reduced by 20C? 40C in midsummer, while the roof greening is equivalent to 60% of the ground greening benefit. When the "green coat" is formed, the plant leaves can cover most of the surface of the building firmly, which can not only keep the building warm, but also greatly increase the green area. The project of the utility model is precisely to solve the problem of plant climbing on the exterior wall of modern buildings, to transform the current "Shishan" city into a "forest" city, to thoroughly improve the living environment and quality of life of the city on the premise of effectively saving energy, and to achieve the goal of people-oriented and harmony between man and nature.