Do You Know The Role Of Green Walls?

- Nov 16, 2018-

1. improve microclimate and ease urban heat island effect

The results show that the green wall can mitigate the urban heat island effect through four mechanisms: (1) Plants can shield the solar radiation by shading, which is 2-3 C different from the general building exterior wall. (2) The transpiration of plants can reduce the ambient temperature (3). Green walls can act as thermal insulation of buildings (4). They can change the wind effect of buildings.

2. reduce noise.

The leaves and branches of green wall plants can rub acoustic waves and effectively reduce noise.

3. improving air quality

Research shows that green walls can block road dust, filter air dust and absorb heavy metal particles in the air.

4. reduce stormwater runoff

The green wall can absorb some rainwater to reduce surface runoff.

5. improving urban biodiversity

Green walls can improve urban biodiversity by creating habitats, food sources (such as wintering birds), ecological corridors, nesting sites, etc.

In addition, green walls can also improve visual comfort, improve energy efficiency and improve mental health.

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