Classification Of Pavilions From Different Perspectives

- Dec 15, 2018-




From the shape, there are four-cornered pavilion, hexagonal pavilion, octagonal pavilion, fan-shaped pavilion, from the vertical direction: single eaves pavilion, double eaves pavilion.

Suitable occasion

From the use of pavilions to classify, pavilions can also be divided into Park Garden pavilion, square pavilion, modelling pavilion, leisure pavilion, rainproof pavilion. Some companies specialize in building a pavilion for employees to smoke and chat after dinner; in addition to providing visitors with a rest, the pavilion in parks and public places can also increase the beauty of the landscape, and has both shape and function.

By function

Rest, shade and rain - traditional pavilion, modern pavilion;

Ornamental Tours - traditional pavilions, modern pavilions;

Memorial, cultural relics and monuments - Memorial pavilion, monument pavilion;

Traffic, distribution and organization of flow of people - station pavilions, road pavilions;

Riding water - Gallery pavilion, bridge pavilion;

Relying on water - terrace water pavilion;

Comprehensive - multi-functional combination pavilion.

Application domain editor

1. Parks, resorts, squares, scenic spots, golf courses, etc.

2. The matching clubs and leisure places in real estate development zones;

3. Personal and corporate leisure housing;

4. Urban public leisure and entertainment places, etc.