China (wuhan) International Garden Expo

- Oct 23, 2018-

With the opening of the 10th China (wuhan) international garden expo, all the exhibitions are presented in front of us. Among them, there is an exhibition garden full of children's interest, which impresses many visitors. The palm-shaped experiential parent-child garden designed by dong nanan, designer of tongji university, not only attracts children, but also reminds many adults of their childhood.Wuhan creative garden expo exhibition garden, garden expo headquarters commissioned by wuhan Chinese landscape architecture network organized planning, geared to the needs of its global excellent design scheme, finally in more than 30 countries and regions, more than 900 designers to declare more than 300 works selected first, second and third prizes and awards to work, and selecting the excellent works of nine field construction.With rich industry resources, China landscape architecture network has participated in the organization and planning of master garden and designer garden for many times and the invitation work of designers, and assisted Beijing garden expo to leave excellent works such as master garden and designer square. The 9 pieces of works that participated in the construction of the park were selected from the best. They not only conform to the theme of wuhan garden expo, but also highlight its construction concept, show the future development direction of urban gardens, and highlight the extraordinary ecological livable effect of garden

colorful garden planters for kid garden