Characteristics Of Antiseptic Wood Pavilion

- Apr 20, 2019-

In hot summer, everyone likes to stay in an air-conditioned room, and they don't like to go out, but life lies in sports.

If in the evening, the family sits together in the antiseptic wooden pavilion in the yard, talking and laughing, it is a very pleasant thing.

The top design of the antiseptic wood Pavilion is three layers, the inner layer is a layer of carbide wood, the middle layer is a waterproof board, and the outer layer is a carbide wood tile. Generally, the glass tile is used. The tile groove has the function of drainage. The three layers design is not easy to leak, and can be safely placed outdoors.

The light lines inside the pavilion are all laid out before leaving the factory. There are grooves in the four meter-shaped beams on the top of the pavilion's gourd, and there are wires in the top of the gourd.

Antiseptic wooden pavilion can be roughly divided into four corners, hexagonal, octagonal, double, three-storey, special-shaped and so on. Shangyuan advises consumers to take a good view of the style in advance, measure the specific size and choose the appropriate style. It is suggested that the foundation should be laid, because the weight of the conventional Pavilion is generally about 400 kg. Considering whether the long-term contact force will lead to ground deformation and subsidence, the pavilion will make the pavilion. Uneven.

Looking at the production of anti-corrosive wooden pavilions, the current market sales of pavilions, Pavilion production process are different. Usually, the pavilion through 39 processes such as drug immersion, high temperature cooking, baking, anti-corrosion, carbonization, environmental protection and safety, but also more suitable for family use.

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