Are You Attracted By The Unique Features Of Outdoor Vertical Greening Walls?

- Jun 06, 2019-

Outdoor vertical green wall, which can be called the natural air conditioning of buildings, has the functions of purifying air and adjusting temperature. Outdoor vertical greening wall as a vertical greening ecological architectural decoration choice, because it advocates beauty and elegance, environmental protection and nature, as well as both functional and practical in one. After the popularization of this kind of wall, beauty and environmental protection, of course, can not help but make peeping also become pastoral, has been widely recognized in Europe. Next, let's learn about the outdoor vertical green wall what effect.

Aesthetic Interest Relax Body and Mind

The outdoor vertical greening wall can introduce the natural scenery into the complex city, which is the perfect combination of man-made structure and natural scenery. When every bridge column, wall, roof, passageway, guardrail, indoor and so on cover the natural atmosphere, it will undoubtedly bring more visual enjoyment and more value of beautifying the city than plane greening. The aroma of plants can affect the excitation and inhibition of the cerebral cortex, and balance the nervous function.

Temperature regulation is a good assistant to improve the environment. It needs to be cared for in the outdoor vertical greening wall. More care for the daily changes of the outdoor vertical greening wall can make better use of the outdoor vertical greening wall, better protect the environment and improve the air quality.

Outdoor vertical greening wall can eliminate the reflection of sunlight on the wall, so that people walking in the street are not disturbed by sunlight, feel cool, but also can make the eyes not be illuminated by strong light. Reduce wall temperature: Vertical outdoor green wall can reduce the wall temperature by as much as 15 degrees Celsius. Reduce greenhouse effect: The use of Outdoor Vertical greenhouse wall can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, because the use of Outdoor Vertical greenhouse wall can reduce the use of refrigerator, air conditioning and other high-consumption household appliances.

Purification of air

The outdoor vertical greening wall can effectively alleviate the pollution caused by automobile exhaust. Therefore, the use of these outdoor vertical greening walls can effectively purify the air, increase the oxygen content of the air, and the cost is low, the way environment. In all aspects of urban life, there will be unsatisfactory air quality.

People need something that can purify the air in the narrow area around them, that is, the outdoor vertical greening wall. The indoor and outdoor vertical greening wall can effectively remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and so on through the plant's own breathing action. At the same time, a variety of small particles floating in indoor air can also be absorbed by plant leaves.

Reduce the amount of harmful substances breathed in by the human body, play a role in purifying indoor air.

Maximizing Space Utilization Outdoor Vertical Greening Wall

Placing many plants on the ground can improve the environment, but at the same time it sacrifices most of the ground space. The outdoor vertical greening wall is vertical greening, which can integrate the disorderly ground into the wall, making the space get the most full use.

Enhancing Environmental Taste

Environment and decoration often reflect a person's taste and character. Vertical outdoor green walls can add a lot of color to the environment. At the same time, the environment with green vitality can leave a more special impression on people.

Constructing systematic biological resonance between human beings and living plants is a wonderful life relationship, which can stimulate more potential vitality in human body. Therefore, the outdoor vertical greening wall can absorb harmful gases in the air and adjust the indoor air temperature. Humidity, its benefits to people can not be replaced by other works of art.

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