Anticorrosive Wooden Pergola And Gazebo Features

- Sep 21, 2019-

Anticorrosive wooden pavilion features

The anti-corrosion wooden pavilion is made of anti-corrosion wood. The anti-corrosion pavilion is actually quite common. We can find them in public places at will. The anti-corrosion pavilion can be used for people to rest, or as people watch. Important attractions. Most of the pavilions are now quite exquisite in the construction of the pavilion, which can bring people a visual beauty and enjoy it.

In our traditional sense, pavilions are generally built in the water. It has the functions of scenic viewing, recreation and cooling. The same is true of the current pavilion. Our design is more succinct than the previous pavilion. Especially for small and medium-sized garden residents, as well as garden communities, scenic areas, parks, ancient temples, etc., pavilions are one of the must-have buildings.

Wood preservatives are the primary choice for wood wares used in gazebos and have a very broad range of applications. Wood preservatives are a relatively common type of wood products. They have a very popular sales prospect in the wood industry and are an indispensable choice for wood types.

 Anticorrosive wood pavilion material

At present, the common anti-corrosion wood in China mainly has two kinds of materials: Russian Pinus sylvestris and Nordic red pine.

Russia's Pinus sylvestris var. preservative wood is mainly used for anti-corrosion treatment of imported logs in China, mostly for CCA treatment.

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