A Little Story About The Green Wall

- Dec 24, 2018-

Ken Yeang is the world's leading green skyscraper architect and an active advocate of what is now known as "plant architecture". A kind of

Yeang's design uses whole-wall plants, scallop-shaped umbrellas, solar panels, advanced air circulation equipment and construction. His design philosophy is to allow buildings to collect rainwater and cool air on their own. This design creates a self-sufficient environment similar to an ecosystem and greatly reduces the consumption of additional energy. A kind of

Yeang has even begun to think about designing "vertical farms" in the future, where residents can plant and harvest food on their walls. A kind of

But there seems to be more ambitious plans under way. A kind of

French President Nicolas Sarkozy recently asked 10 top architects to redesign the city of Paris, requiring the city to be fully integrated with the natural environment. A kind of

Among the many designs, Roland Castro's team suggested a 250-acre Park surrounded by skyscrapers. Richard Rogers's plan focuses on rooftop gardens and parks, even above urban railways. Other options include planting urban forests or opening up vegetable gardens networks. A kind of

Designers claim that plants are not only a beautiful alternative to architecture, but also have many other benefits, such as reducing noise, cooling naturally, regulating temperature, and even reducing psychological stress for people living in them.

"These walls are alive, they have all kinds of colors, not just green," says Richard Sabin of BioTecture. The company's design won gold and silver awards at the Royal Gardening Chelsea Flower Show in London. A kind of

Sabin said, "These plants on the walls can blossom and be eaten - we just finished a wall that contains all kinds of salad leaves, such as cabbage, lettuce and so on. There will be a variety of uses in the future, and we are looking at whether biofuel crops can be grown on walls or plant walls can be used for reclaimed water filtration. A kind of

Planting plants on the inner walls is also good for health. Plants can absorb toxins in the air and play a very good role in air purification. A kind of

NASA brings plants into space to purify the air - plants are cheaper and more useful than air conditioning. This is also true in general family housing. A kind of

Sabin believes that traditional building materials can destroy the human environment. "It used to be cement walls. Noise and heat reflected back and forth between walls. All people could do was close windows and open air conditioning. And plant walls absorb noise and heat themselves, so that when people open windows and natural wind can blow into the room, people can naturally breathe fresh air, which is much better than before. A kind of

"We can even design special air purification interior walls, which can reduce the indoor temperature by several degrees, so that people do not need air conditioning at all.