WPC pergola and aluminum pergola

- Nov 13, 2018-

Need to prepare the material:1: general anticorrosive wood a grape are four post, two beams pillars (is connected to two pillars of rail, because it is connected with the stability of pillars, so called column beam), the rest on top of the blade depends how party b rules (because of some wider points, to close points, of course, if is ready to put the specifications of the blade can only talk to party b) this is a standard specification.2: a bag of cement, small bags of sand four bags.3: outdoor HouMu oil resistant.4: move the ladder.Need to prepare the tools:Fixed cutting machine, cutting machine to move, curve sawing, polishing machine, electric drill, drill, hammer, horizontal tube, spirit level, shovel, file.Production process:1: give all anticorrosive wood wood polishing time, or if I finished in wood processing touch can also be (purpose is to maintain a smooth surface).2: dig good specifications set by the state within the scope of ZhuDong, generally as deep hole is ok, of course, to conform to the requirements of this specification to compare the specification, moreover the width of the hole to be decided with the length and width of the post, such as wood do 20 * 20 column, then the hole will need 40 * 40, set aside the space to the jar of cement is a certain space.3: give the top pillar sawed a mouth (column beam is the function of the mouth, the stability of this play a), two root and root to open the mouth of a direction, because two pillars is a beam connection.4: beam to column to draw what you planning the blade, the gap of each seat give the blade processing, blade first to draw a mouth, also is the width of the beam column, painted on the blade (like a cross, open a mouth, just let them want to be in accordance with), then use mobile cutter opening, reoccupy file transfer file is flat and level.5: anticorrosive wood a grape to beautiful will do you usually do in the first open a curved blade mouth, this is where the curve of the play to operate.6: give two column place column beam, put the above stacking open mouth of the blade, first put pillar closest two mouth, such as a trend of a word of mouth can stable, of course, it is best to give four pillars, with board, everything can be stable for, after all is lumber, tied to which parts of the body is bad.Step 7: the last two to do, it is better to cement, reoccupy ladder support for wood oil, generally in the demolition of the fixed plate until the next day.