Which environment is not suitable for the installation of plant walls

- Apr 12, 2018-

1. It is not suitable to do plant walls in the unfluency of the air

The survival of plant wall plants needs a certain amount of air activity, and the ordinary indoor, especially the small home environment, can not fully satisfy the growth and survival of the plant according to the needs of people's life, especially in the summer, if it is impossible to open the window or to be ventilated, the plant wall plants can easily attack secondary metabolism and death. Dead.

How to deal with it: in addition to opening windows and ventilation in small rooms, indoor outdoor air and other equipment can be added.

2, warm and excessive or too low places are not suitable for setting up plant walls.

The survival of plant wall plants is the need for a certain temperature. According to the different plants, they also enjoy dry and cold or humid environment, but the suitable temperature is between 10 and 30 degrees. The temperature of the wall is also an important factor for the survival of plant walls.

3. It is not suitable to do plant wall in the place where the air is too low.

Plant wall plants demand a certain amount of humidity, especially as the shade plant of the secondary indoor plants of the plant wall, and the indoor environment is too boring, and may cause the plant wall plant death to be flourishing at different levels.

Treatment: indoor heating indoors in the south in the south, in addition to artificially adding air humidity, can properly add plant wall irrigation frequency, adhere to the demand for plant water.

4, there is no light or very dark place. It is not suitable to set up plant walls.

Plant wall plant survival is required to support the role of optical association, usually in the interior of the wall, such as poor light or dark environment, although it can use special lamps to light, but can be with the practical needs of the soft, for example, KTV, bar, basement and so on.

Treatment: like kTV and bar and other places where the demand for dark light can be compared, the simulation plant wall can be set up, and the underground room, such as the dark place, can stop reasonable light.