Welcome to shanghai

- Nov 05, 2018-

On November 4, the expo mascot "jinbao" prepared to welcome guests outside the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) venue. Xinhua reporter Chen feizhaoShanghai, Nov. 4 (xinhua) -- the first China international import expo is openingXinhua reporters jiang wei, liu hongxia, lu wenjun, xu xiaoqing, zhou ruiThe evolution of history always leaves an interesting chapter at the critical moment.In the spring of 1957, along the pearl river, the Canton fair debuted. With exports as the link, China broke the blockade and opened a window to world trade.Autumn 2018, huangpu river, the opening of the expo. With import as the theme, China opens the door more and more.Time goes by, time goes by. From seeking a way out to gathering the world together, China pursues development and progress and seeks mutual benefit and win-win results in a more vigorous manner, embracing the world and creating a better future with unprecedented confidence.