watering flower

- Oct 15, 2018-

Perhaps a lot of people can discover, go out a far door or travel a few days come back, the flower on the balcony that does not answer is lost badly moisture. Even basin soil also appeared dry crack, more serious may want to count flowers and plants had withered, how should do at this time?Here are some tips for growing flowers.Potted flowers can not immediately water a lot of water after dehydrationWater cannot be poured immediately after the flowers are dehydrated in basin, appropriate moves flowerpot to half shade place first, want to water less in basin next, spray a few water to leaf side branch stem, make plant gradual and orderly absorb water. When the plants return to normal, gradually increase the amount of water. If a lot of water is poured at once, not only will the plants not recover normally, but may cause the leaves to fall off and even die.Cleaning the leaves of flowers can be wiped with beerWhen cleaning potted flowers, first with water to wet plants, and then with a hand to hold the plant to clean the site, one hand to take a clean soft cloth, dip in the water to wipe the above dust. The dust on old leaf old branch is more, usable and soft cloth dips in washing powder solution hind swab. Finally, rinse the plants in a small spray bottle, and rinse more often where you have used the washing powder.Expert comments: it is good to rinse plants and water flowers with cold water. Because of the low hardness of the boiled water, it is difficult to leave a water mark on the surface of the plant, which makes the plant bright and lovely, exuberant. In addition, when cleaning leaves flower, usable mask cloth or soft cloth dip beer is wiped gently, not only can make leaf face wipe clean, still can make leaf face is brushed after more oily green, have a layer of bright light, and keep for a long time, wipe effect is very good.3. Automatic watering device can be used when going out for a long timeIf by reason of a business trip, a few days no one is watering the flowers in the home, can put a water container than flowerpot slightly high, with strong water imbibition of cotton fabrics, such as thick towels, coarse cotton cloth, such as a head on water in the container, on the other side on the flower pot soil, can make the water in the container so slowly infiltrating the soil, so as to keep the soil moist, in case of potted flowers wilting dehydration.Expert comment on: still can use the method that covers plastic bag: pour water first plant, reoccupy plastic bag to cover whole plant up, tie at basin. If water droplets form on the plastic sheets, which can then drip back into the soil, the bags retain moisture for about three weeks. If you are less than 10 days away from home, just let the plastic bag loosely cover the plant.It is worth mentioning that the leaves do not contact with the plastic cloth, plastic bag cover flower POTS do not put in direct sunlight. For convenience and efficiency, 4 thin sticks can be placed on the soil at the edge of the basin before wrapping the plastic bag, which is higher than the height of the plant.