Trend of flower box decoration

- Oct 15, 2018-

As living space is full of artificial structures made up of steel, cement, glass, stainless steel and so on everywhere, it causes the long-term estrangement between urban residents and natural environment, and makes people feel the boredom on the vision, the tension on the psychology, and the depression on the emotion, which is a common disease of world cities.The reality of land price in a city limits the quantity and distribution of small and medium-sized green space. Therefore, the flexible arrangement of flower box plants which can fully take advantage of the advantages of small space will make the city more gentle and respectable. And through the adjustment and matching of the four seasons flowering plants, the flower box plants will make people happy and give city residents more opportunities to get close to the natureThe more developed the city, flowers will appear in more and more time and place in the city and people's vision.Due to the limited application of traditional planting, fixed-point setting and large size of flower beds and flower clusters, compared with the limited application of flower box planting, mobile and combined, small size of flower box decoration.Therefore, the competent department of landscape architecture should popularize flower box decoration in a planned way, cultivate new ideas of the public to actively consume flowers, form new hot spots for the development of ornamental horticulture, and enrich citizens' spiritual life effectively.