The world VR industry conference planters

- Oct 18, 2018-

The world VR industry conference is also an important moment for nanchang to show the city image to the world. At present, nanchang municipal government has carried out landscape green renovation in the city's square, railway station, bridge and main urban road, combined with the actual construction of landscape sketches to improve the city's quality, and carried out a total of 12 aspects of special renovation of city appearance and environment. Thanks to her participation in this landscape renovation, she has 10,000 small boxes and 3,000 sets of combination boxes, lighting up nanchang!

Entering the main area of VR conference, you can see that the white aluminum alloy combination flower box is placed on both sides of the road to add color to the world VR industry conference. Red flowers and drooping ivy brought a soft beauty to nanchang. The main section of the VR conference is located in university avenue and west station street, with more than 2000 groups.