the method of growing Franch holly

- Oct 23, 2018-

Cultivation method of | red cap rose | needlework chrysanthemum: France Holly propagation and cultivation to cutting propagation mainly, but also seed propagation. Cutting propagation is not only easy to use, but also take root fast, high survival rate, so widely used in production. France Holly cutting seedbed should choose high terrain, deep soil, loose soil, good drainage and irrigation land. Remove the grass roots and stones and make them 1-1. In the 2 meters high bed, 10% imidacloprid 1000 times and 5% trimangan zinc 1500 times were used to eliminate the underground pests and harmful bacteria. After leveling the seedbed, beat it with a spade and pour on 10% decomposed dilute human excrement and urine. France Holly cuttings can be carried out all year round, with late spring and early summer and early autumn most appropriate. Winter cutting should do a good job of seedling bed insulation work. Cuttings are most likely to survive if the annual thick branches grow well on young or strong mother trees. After the cuttings are collected, cutting the cuttings should be done in a cool place with a sharp knife. At the time of clipping, the branches with small branches have grown at the internodes, each O above and below the nodes. Cut off at 5 cm, then cut the stem node in half according to the location of small branches, divide two branches into cuttings, for the branches that do not grow small branches must remain 2 sections, the upper end in the upper part of the bud 1 with rice section cut plane, the lower end in the bud 0. Cut into the shape of a horseshoe or cut flat at 5 cm. After cutting the cuttings, use 500ppm tea acetic acid or 200ppmABT root powder for 5 seconds, then cover with wet straw or wrap with agricultural film to prevent drying. French Holly cuttings should be shallow rather than deep, cutting planar section of small branches down, the depth of the mother plant into soil 1 cm. The depth of the cuttings was 1 cm in the upper middle of the next stem node, and the cuttings were inclined about 45 degrees with the ground. After cutting, the soil around the cuttings should be compacted and then watered once, so that the lower part of the cuttings can stick to the soil. Cuttings row space is 12-15 centimeters commonly, plant space 6-8 centimeters. When cutting, the leaf on cutting ear should not leave too much, also should not cut off completely, lower part calls leaf to be able to connect a petiole to cut completely, upper part leaves 2 leaves, again according to leaf size, each leaf ran shearing on 1/2 to 2/3, reduce water and nutrient excessive consumption. France Holly cuttings, the need for shelter shade to reduce transpiration and direct sunlight seedbed. Cutting in early spring or late autumn, also should be covered with film to prevent freezing. Cuttings should also be often watered to keep the seedbed soil moist, to the seedbed surface soil does not appear white. Cuttings topdressing can be combined with watering, but also available phosphoric acid: potassium hydrogen and urea for leaf spraying. The weeding work should be very meticulous, do not bump the cutting ear. French Holly has strong resistance, few diseases and insect pests, occasionally occurrence of acanthophilus or aphids, can be used dichlorvos, imidacloprid and other pesticides sprayed to control